NAMM 2023: Sound Particles - Skydust 3D

US New synth lets you place oscillators in 3D space      14/04/23

Sound Particles, a company that specializes in 3D sound and immersive audio, showcased its latest product at NAMM 2023. Nuno from Sound Particles introduced the 3D synthesizer Skydust 3D, which allows musicians to play notes and instantly hear them in a three-dimensional space. The synthesizer supports more than 30 output formats, including 7.1.4, and has eight oscillators, each with a position in space. Musicians can use envelope generators, LFOs, and sequencers to create 3D arpeggios and other spatial effects.

The synthesizer comes in two versions: a stereo version and the more advanced version called SkyDust 3D and can be purchased from SoundParticles' website or other plugin stores. The aim of the 3D synthesizer is to provide musicians with a tool that allows them to think about space and use it in the same way as they use melody, rhythm, and harmony.

Skydust Price: 149 USD

Skydust 3D Price: 299 USD

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