NAMM 2023: Eventide - H90 Pedal

US Eventide's flagship pedal boasts ten new algorithms      14/04/23

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Eventide Audio has unveiled their new flagship pedal the H90, and Patrick Flores gave us a demo of its capabilities. The H90 is a follow-up to their most famous pedal, the H9, and boasts ten new algorithms, intuitive displays, true spillover, and flexible routing. One of the new algorithms Patrick showed us is Polyflex, which is based on their polyphonic pitch-shifting technology. It features two voices, independent panning, and the ability to smoothly glide between intervals.

Another notable feature of the Polyflex algorithm is the auto-engage function, which disengages the algorithm as soon as the heel is all the way down or the performance switch is flexed all the way back. This ensures that the tone is not affected by any pitch shifting, allowing users to pitch without worrying about any digital artifacts. The H90 also features programmable routing and the ability to insert external pedals between two algorithms, making it a highly flexible rig.

Eventide H90 Price: 899 USD


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