NAMM 2023: Polyend - Tracker Mini

US Smaller tracker with larger memory and lower latency      14/04/23

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Polyend has launched its latest product at NAMM 2023, the Tracker Mini, a more powerful and efficient version of the original Tracker. Alison from Polyend describes the new product as a portable DAW with a microphone on board, allowing users to record their samples on the fly. The Tracker Mini features upgraded hardware, a built in battery with around eight hours of battery life, and more memory than the original Tracker. It also includes stereo samples, better clock stability, lower latency, and is more efficient.

The Tracker Mini is small and portable, and allows users to easily crop, edit, save, and load their recorded samples into their projects. The Tracker Mini also includes a micro-move function, randomization effects, and typical effects processing like multi band filtering, delay, reverb, and bit crushing, all at note-level.

Available now for pre-orders on the Polyend website. Shipping from July 12th 2023

Price: 699 USD

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