NAMM 2023: Yamaha - CK Series Stage Keyboard

US Lightweight hammer action keys that can run on batteries      14/04/23

Blake Angelos at Yamaha introduced us to the new CK Series. This stage keyboard designed to be mobile, which means it's lightweight, and it comes with built-in speakers. The CK Series has two models, the CK61 with 61 synth-style keys that weigh about 12 pounds, and the CK88 with 88 graded hammer action keys that weigh about 29 pounds. One of the coolest features of this instrument is that it can run on batteries, and it can provide up to three hours of playtime when powered by eight AA batteries.

The CK Series also has Bluetooth audio connectivity, which allows users to connect their phones and play backing tracks, as well as an audio trigger that lets users play an audio file on the keyboard. It has 382 sounds that are saved as up to 120 live sets, with each live set containing up to three parts. The fast and easy user interface that allows users to control all three parts simultaneously. It also has two independent effects lines and filter control. More information on the Yamaha CK Series can be found on the official Yamaha website.

Available now.

CK-61 Price: 999 USD

CK-88 Price: 1,499 USD

More info:

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