Sequential Updates Take 5 Synthesizer

US v2.0 Software doubles the presets and introduces new synthesis features and effects      06/04/23

Sequential has announced the release of the Take 5 v2.0 software update, which they say brings a host of new features and enhancements that further extend the capabilities of this portable polyphonic analog synthesizer.

This free software update includes an additional 128 Preset and 128 User memory locations, doubling the previous sound bank size. Sequential tells us that the Factory bank expansion is filled with imaginative new sounds created by some of the world's leading sound designers and synthesists. They say that these sounds range from classic analog-style patches to modern, cinematic soundscapes that will give artists a competitive edge in modern music production.

Take 5 v2.0 also provides new synthesis features that dramatically expand the creative possibilities for sound design. Sequential says that this includes capabilities like Envelope Repeat, which allows users to create evolving and complex sounds by looping sections of the synth's envelopes, and LFO Slew, which smooths over wave shapes to enable more organic and musical modulations - especially useful for creating ambient, drone, and experimental sounds, adding new dimensions to any performance.

Sequential believes that one of the most exciting new features is the addition of a Lo-Fi effect emulating the sound of time-worn analog tape machines. They say that, featuring controls for wow and flutter, playback head azimuth, and tape drive amount, the Lo-Fi effect can be used to add anything from a gritty character, through to a full-blown "busted tape deck" vibe,imparting a new level of vintage flavor to any of Take 5's sounds.

David Gibbons, CEO, told us, "In the 18 months since we introduced it, thousands of Take 5 synths have gone around the world and introduced many musicians to the feeling of Sequential for the first time. We hope these new sounds excite and inspire existing owners and new Take 5 players alike."

Pricing and Availability:

The Take 5 v2.0 software update is available now as a free download for all Take 5 owners at the Sequential website.

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