IK Renews Its Entire Software Range

US Revamp for NAMM 2023, includes Total Studio 4 MAX and new all-inclusive MAX Bundles      06/04/23

IK Renews Its Entire Software Range

IK Multimedia has released the new Total Studio 4 MAX, a massive collection of plug-ins, along with new all-inclusive MAX bundles - AmpliTube 5 MAX v2, T-RackS 5 MAX v2, SampleTank 4 MAX v2 and more - as well as lowered pricing and a generous new policy for upgrades across its full software range. Here's the story in their own words...

Packed with more products than previous versions and now more affordable, all new MAX bundles plus TONEX MAX and MODO MAX offer unmatched value, helping musicians and producers to instantly equip their studios with all IK's most cutting-edge tools. IK will be attending NAMM 2023 to showcase these and other innovative products.

New Total Studio 4 MAX
Total Studio 4 MAX is the most extensive edition yet of IK's popular software suite for music creation. This new bundle offers a massive 170 products covering every stage of the music creation process, over 640 GB of rich, authentic sounds and over 500 ultra-realistic effects in every style and genre. Version 4 adds TONEX MAX, MODO BASS 2, MODO DRUM 1.5, AmpliTube MESA/Boogie, 12 new SampleTank libraries, 12 new Syntronik synths, and 2 new T-RackS modules: The Farm Stone Room and Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip to keep everyone's collection totally up to date. Total Studio 4 Max pricing now starts at $/€299.99* for eligible customers.

New AmpliTube 5 MAX v2
AmpliTube 5 MAX v2 now features all 18 brand/artist collections for more amps, cabs and effects. Users can plug into 435 gear models in all and take full advantage of the over 6,000 free presets available on ToneNET. New additions include the popular AmpliTube MESA/Boogie 2 and all 4 virtual X-GEAR Pedals representing boutique-quality distortions, delays, reverbs and modulations. AmpliTube 5 MAX pricing now starts at $/€199.99* for eligible customers.

New T-RackS 5 MAX v2
The T-RackS 5 MAX v2 collection adds 15 more processors for a total of 53 essential mixing and mastering plug-ins. Users get all the latest releases including The Farm Stone Room, Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip, Comprexxor, Sunset Sound Studio Reverb, T-RackS Leslie, all 4 models of the TASCAM Tape Collection and FAME Studio Reverb. With T-RackS 5 MAX v2, musicians can own a comprehensive suite of all the tools they need to mix and master like today's top pros. T-RackS 5 MAX pricing now starts at $/€199.99* for eligible customers.

New SampleTank 4 MAX v2
SampleTank 4 MAX v2 adds all 28 SampleTank 4 libraries until now sold separately, all 34 synths from Syntronik 2 MAX, SampleTron 2 and the full version of Miroslav Philharmonik 2. Still included is the complete SampleTank 4 factory content along with all legacy SampleTank 2 and 3 factory content plus all the legacy SampleTank 3 libraries, for a massive 600 GB of sounds and over 18,000 instruments in all. SampleTank 4 MAX pricing now starts at $/€199.99* for eligible customers.

New More Affordable Pricing
With this renewal, IK has also reduced pricing between 30% and 50% on the majority of its award-winning software products, making these powerful music production tools more accessible than ever.

New More Inclusive Upgrade Policy
Along with lower pricing for everyone, IK has greatly simplified the upgrade process for returning customers, introducing a single upgrade-for-all policy. Regardless of the IK product purchased, all registered IK users will now have access to any software product at upgrade pricing. To be eligible, the registration of any paid product, be it software, hardware or even just an app, is the only simple requirement. Similarly, any registered owner of another IK MAX product is eligible for IK's MAXgrade price on the new Total Studio 4 MAX.

All new MAX bundles are available now at the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide.

For more information on any of the new MAX bundles, please visit the relevant link below:

Total Studio 4 MAX: www.ikmultimedia.com/ts4
AmpliTube 5 MAX v2: www.ikmultimedia.com/at5
T-RackS 5 MAX v2: www.ikmultimedia.com/tr5
SampleTank 4 MAX v2: www.ikmultimedia.com/st4

For more information on the new upgrade policy:


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