Sonic Talk 753 to be Broadcast from Space

US Next weeks show marks a first for the series      01/04/23

Sonic Talk 753 to be Broadcast from Space

A first for Sonicstate; next weeks SonicTalk show will be broadcast live from space! Marking episode 753, the team and their mobile rig will embark on an interstellar journey from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Tuesday morning, in preparation for the milestone broadcast on Wednesday at 4PM BST. The team have undergone a hushed but rigorous training regime over the last 6 months, and have passed all tests, and met the suitable criteria making them eligible for short-term space travel.

Sonicstate have been early-bird adopters of the space tourism programme, and have been awarded the 5 day round trip as a mark of their services to the interational synthesizer community. Wish the team well for their journey, and tune in to the landmark zero-gravity show on Wednesday 5th April. 

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