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US ToneGym introduces Melody Hunter ear-training game      30/03/23

ToneGym has announced that Melody Hunter, a new ear-training game, has been added to their music education platform. They say that Melody Hunter will help musicians to improve musical memory, melodic analysis, and relative pitch skills with functional ear training and a fun and engaging learning experience in mind.

A spokesperson told us, "With its challenging gameplay and extensive range of melodies, this game is perfect for musicians of all levels."

How to play Melody Hunter?
With 'Melody Hunter' players listen to a 1-4 bar melody and have to repeat it using optional notes on a virtual keyboard. Players must pass eight stages to progress to the next level. 200 levels are available featuring melodies of varying length and difficulty.

Pricing and Availability:
ToneGym provides musical ear training online. Basic membership is free.

'Melody Hunter' is the 15th musical game on ToneGym. It is available for ToneGym Pro members, and will be free for all during the weekend (until April 3rd) to try out.

Pro membership unlocks the full training program, including more ear-training games, personalized musical workouts, focused training, online contests, and much more. Pro membership costs $14.95/month or $79/year.

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