Waves Moves to Subscription-Only

US Creative Access plans starting at $14.99/month.      26/03/23

Waves Moves to Subscription-Only

Waves have ceased plugin sales and moved to a subscription model through their Creatve Access platform. This is now the only way to get Waves plugins, with two plans available: Waves Essential - with over 110 plugins for $14.99 / month - and Waves Ultimate with over 220 industry-leading plugins for $24.99 / month. Here's the lowdown in their words:

All plugin updates, always included with your subscription

Always be up to date with the latest versions of your plugins--no hassle, no extra cost. Now you, and everyone you collaborate with, can always produce and mix with the same updated versions of your plugins.

All plugin updates
New plugins added regularly at no extra cost

Watch your plugin collection grow as more new plugins are released. Select new plugins will be added to Waves Essential, and even more new plugins will be added to Waves Ultimate--all at no extra cost.

New plugins added regularly
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More details here: https://www.waves.com/subscriptions





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