Podcast: Sonic TALK 751 - Chompi, Hydrasynth 2.0, Behringer

US And viewer questions      23/03/23



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  • 00:00:16 SHOW START
  • 00:03:19 Coming up
  • 00:13:24 Chompi
  • 00:21:01 AD: Baby Audio - Save 15% With ST15 Code
  • 00:21:55 Arithmophone
  • 00:34:47 AD: iZotope OZone 10
  • 00:35:51 Major Hydrasynth Update
  • 00:43:03 New Batch of Old Behringers
  • 00:49:49 Par8mecium asks via - youtube - QQ for Gaz - Did you ever explore the Eventide EuroDDL further? Wondering how that worked out for you or if you moved on to something else.
  • 00:53:09 JHVE asks via - irc - QQ Anybody still using what we might think  of as antiquated gear (I mean besides Paulee) ADATs synclavier? fairlights Radars?
  • 00:58:45 nickhowesuk asks via - twitch - QQ for Nick... without naming names is there anything under embargo from NAMM this year that's making you dribble with excitement ?

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