Patch Flip: GForce Software Minimonsta 2

US New features, new patches      21/03/23

GForce's latest instrument update is for the Minimonsta  making it now at version 2.  It follows the new features first seen in the OBE and then the Oddity 3 - namely an improved  audio engine, re-sizable UI, four macro controls, new preset browser and a vintage control for dialing in more wonkiness - though I would have like to see it go further into broken territory.

Minimonsta 2 is a Minimoog Model D at it's heart with the familiar panel but obviously also is polyphonic. GForce also include the XLFO and XADSR - two fully assignable modulation sources, though with as many instances as you'll likely to need that can be mapped to most variable parameters on a one to one basis.

You also get an additional 300 presets.

At present the Minimonsta2 is available at a reduced price of £49 (+VAT) from £99  - which makes if a pretty affordable deal, given that it's a fairly simple to navigate interface and is capable of a wide variety of sounds - from monster basses to lovely atmospheric pads.

Available as:

  • Intel & Apple Silicon Native.
  • Standalone Application
  • AudioUnit
  • AAX
  • VST2
  • VST3

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