Voltage Modular Reaches 2,023 Modules

US Cherry Audio launches a sale in celebration of the virtual modular synthesizer      20/03/23

Voltage Modular Reaches 2,023 Modules

Cherry Audio has announced that Voltage Modular had reached a milestone of 2,023 modules for its popular virtual modular synthesizer software platform. To mark the occasion, Cherry Audio has launched the Voltage Modular 2023 in 2023 Celebration Sale until April 13, 2023. Here's the details in their own words...

To commemorate this milestone, Cherry Audio and participating third-party module designers are slashing their prices, including 75% off the list price of Voltage Modular, and dozens of modules on sale with savings of up to 90% off. The sale features innovative modules and bundles for Voltage Modular, including those from AARNVILLE, Adroit Synthesis, Andrew Macaulay, DMT Audio, Dome Music Technologies, HetrickCV, Insomniac Music, M*4, MRB, nekomatic, Nrgzr78, P.moon, planet.6, PSPaudioware, R_Ware, Synthetic Future X, Unfiltered Audio, Vulpus Labs, Vult, Waverley Instruments, Weevil, and more!

First released in 2018, Voltage Modular is the world's most feature-rich, sonically flexible software modular platform. It obliterates all patching limitations and introduces groundbreaking new ways to build complex patches. It features unlimited pop-up mults on all inputs and outputs, effortless repositioning of modules or groups of modules, cables that can be moved and rerouted at all times, and easy-to-read control panels with extensive visual feedback, including cable signal flow indicators.
All audio processing in Voltage Modular uses high-quality 64-bit double-precision math, and all module processes are zero-latency and operate on individual samples for true modular performance. The innovative module browser allows users to purchase and automatically install modules and sound presets directly from within Voltage Modular for immediate expandability.
Since its debut, Voltage Modular has quickly grown to include over 2,000 modules from over 50 third-party module designers who adopted the platform as their development tool of choice. Cherry Audio is grateful for their continued support and the hundreds of thousands of customers who have chosen to embrace Voltage Modular.

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