EMOM2 - All The Acts Live Stream

US 7 Acts and the full night of fun      18/03/23

Dare we say it but out second EMOM evening went rather well. We live streamed all 7 acts and short intro interviews and the full set in glorious stereo (yeah we know the last one was mono) HD.

Big thanks to all who came along and watched the live stream.

We also have a playlist of each of the sets on Youtube
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Kindly supported by Arturia
 link to UK dealers for Polybrute NOIR https://linktr.ee/ArturiaUK
Also Kindly supported by Moog – link to UK dealers for MAVIS https://linktr.ee/MoogUK

If you want to play at the next event: https://bit.ly/sonicperformer


The running order is as  follows:

00:00:00 Start, preamble
00:16:40 The Occupier interview video
00:24:40 The Occupier start  http://theoccupier.bandcamp.com
00:42:65 Arkahtun interview video
00:52:06 Arkahtun start http://instagram.com/arkahtun
01:11:50 Ken Peel interview video
01:17:17 Ken Peel set kenpeel.com
01:35:13 30 Minute break - general chat and shots
01:51:22 Gaz Williams interview video
01:59:33 Gaz Williams set Http://youtube.com/@gazwilliams
02:18:25 -CALC - interview video
02:42:24 -CALC- Set  http://youtube.com/@-calc-
02:44:48 MYR interview
02:54:02 MYR set  http://instagram.com/james.myr
03:29:05 MATTHS interview
03:39:39 MATTHS set http://matthsmatthsmatths.com

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