Ueberschall Releases New Complete Bundles

US Huge savings over buying the individual libraries      17/03/23

Ueberschall Releases New Complete Bundles

Ueberschall has released three new Complete Bundles. Here's the details in their own words....

Complete Ueberschall Bundle
The comprehensive musical resource

This bundle combines the content of the Complete Instrument and Complete Construction Kit Bundle!

Ueberschall's Elastik provides a powerful and incredibly flexible sample playback engine. It offers sophisticated sample manipulation tools including pitch-, scale- and tempo-matching. Since Elastik first appeared, we have released over 240 individual Elastik-based titles across our construction kit and instrument libraries series.

Now, you can buy an entire collection – over 670 GB of sample content – within a single bundle and at an incredible price. 2799.00 € instead of 20189.00 €

Complete Construction Kit Bundle
Construction Kit Heaven

This bundle brings you construction kit content created by Ueberschall for Elastik within a single, value-packed, collection.

It represents over 150 individual Elastik libraries and covers over 50 different musical genres. The bundle includes over 3500 individual construction kits, each featuring multiple song sections and multiple instruments.

1999.00 € instead of 13567.00 €

Complete Instrument Bundle
Huge Range Of Instruments And Musical Styles

Ueberschall's Instrument Series libraries for Elastik have always delivered high-quality instrument performances. The collection of individual titles provides over 120.000 loops and phrases and over 190 GB sample content.

And now you can purchase 88 Instrument and Producer Pack Series titles in a single bundle and at an amazing price.

999.00 € instead of 6622.00 €

These bundles are download only products.

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