Free Patches For The Super 6

US UDO releases new patches from an array of different sound designers      17/03/23

Free Patches For The Super 6

UDO has announced the release of some free patches for the Super 6. This is the information that they have provided...

The days are growing longer, the trees are awakening from wintertide, and the optimism for the changing of season feels tangible. What better way to celebrate spring than some fresh Super 6 patches?!

Over the next 2 weeks, in the countdown to British Summer Time, we'll be releasing free patches from an array of different sound designers, including the likes of Drew Neumann, Benny Bock, Elijah Fox, VOOO and Nick Sarazen.

The patches vary in style and genre, and we hope there is something in there which will pique everyone's interest. Keep an eye on our socials where we'll be regularly posting these patches over the next 2 weeks, all of which will be uploaded to our website here.

Kicking us off  with our first patch bank is the synth maestro Drew Neumann, acclaimed for his scores on Sci-Fi animation 'Aeon Flux', and contributing sound design for the likes of DSI/Sequential, Tom Oberheim, Studio Electronics, Waldorf, Ensoniq, Moog Music, Arturia, and many others. Welcome to the UDO family, Drew!

UDO Audio · UDO Super 6 - Drew Neumann Patch Pack

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