British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds

US Spitfire Audio launches a new sound library with 99 patches      17/03/23

Spitfire Audio has released British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds. This is what they have to say about it...

Immerse yourself in a new world of brass and reeds -- a stunning sound palette of 99 patches, brought to life with our unique and intuitive Layers technology. Instantly sparking inspiration on first play, it's every composer's dream -- the ability to finish a whole cue within a single patch. Made in collaboration with award-winning composer Samuel Sim, intricately workshopped techniques from a range of solo brass and woodwind instruments (including saxophones, recorders and flugelhorn) are presented in various combinations -- each offering a full spectrum of emotion and expression.

For anyone looking to embrace a new approach to scoring -- and a fresh alternative to string instruments -- this sophisticated toolkit offers instant creative freedom. British Drama Toolkit: Brass & Reeds intuitively matches the intensity at which your fingers hit the keyboard by selecting from three different velocity layers – layering textural beds with characterful, emotive lead lines -- unlocking a world of sound in every patch.

Pricing and Availability:
RRP: £169 / $199 / 199€
Promo Period: £129 / $149 / 149€
Promo Crossgrade: £109 / $129 / 129€ *

* A discount for anyone who owns British Drama Toolkit or Contemporary Drama Toolkit
Promo period ends April 6th, 2023

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