Sonic LAB: Sequential Trigon 6 Polysynth

US Wait is this like a Memorymoog?      13/03/23

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Editor Nick and Chris from  @BOOelectric  take a look at the new Trigon 6 from Sequential.

Adding to the OB-6 (Chiris owns one of these) and the Prophet-6 which both share the same basic form factor but have differing synth characteristics. Its fair to say the Trigon 6 is aiming for a more Moog like flavour, with three oscillators and a ladder filter - one could almost say Memory Moog.

With the additional drive and feedback paths, poly mod and twin effect generators its not far off.

We take a look. The Trigon 6 is available now priced at 3300 UK/ $3499 US.

Additional patch examples on our Patreon

Thanks to Chris

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