Roland Updates SP-404MKII To Version 3

US Sampler gets improved performance and a host of new workflow features      10/03/23

Roland Updates SP-404MKII To Version 3

Roland has announced the Version 3 update for the SP-404MKII Creative Sampler and Effector. Here's the details in their own words...

Since its release in 2021, the next-generation SP-404MKII has been the instrument of choice for performance-based beatmakers and creative musicians everywhere. Version 3 offers improved performance and a host of new workflow features developed with feedback from the wide-ranging SP artist community. The free update also includes many pattern sequencer and DJ Mode enhancements that make the SP-404MKII an even more powerful tool for live performers and dance music producers.
SP-404MKII Version 3 Features
Perform with Multitrack Files from DAW Sessions and Other Projects--The SP-404MKII sequencer offers improved stability for playing multiple long audio files in perfect sync, enabling users to perform with tracks created in music production software.
Expanded Motion Recording--Motion recording is now available for effects parameters.
Pad Mute and Pad Mute Automation--Easily mute/unmute patterns during performances and capture mute actions in sequences.
Optimized MIDI Sync--Improved clock timing and adjustable delay on the MIDI clock output for tight sync with external instruments.
One-Shot Playback--Allows users to perform with long, evolving samples while jamming with short loops underneath.
Convert Patterns to Samples--Convert any pattern into a sample with the press of a button, transforming complex programming into manageable loops for quick song building.
Expanded DJ Mode--Many new DJ Mode enhancements include the ability to manipulate eight cue points per sample, adjust fader curves, sync external MIDI instruments, assign time stretch, and more.
Additional Features--Version 3 also includes many other workflow enhancements, including quantize after recording, finer tempo setting range, default MFX setups, and more.
SP-404MKII App--The latest version of the companion editor/librarian for the SP-404MKII features greatly increased import/export speed and AU3/VST3 plug-in support for using the app within music production software on Mac and Windows computers.

Pricing and Availability:
The Roland SP-404MKII is available now for $599.99 in the U.S. The Roland SP-404MKII Version 3 update is available now for free.

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