Free Space & Time Bundle from GPU Audio

US 2 Reverbs and a Delay powered by your graphics card      03/03/23

GPU Audio have just announced a new installment in their beta-suite series. The Space and Time Bundle features 2 Reverbs and a Delay, which are 100% powered by your graphics card. The beta suite is a free collection of plugins released in bundles, and is soon to include a compressor, EQs, distortion, limiter, and more. The Space & Time bundle is available now for Windows users, with a release planned for Mac later this year. Here's the full details: 

GPU Audio have announced the second installment of their FREE Beta Suite, with the Space and Time Bundle. This bundle includes three standalone tools for creating space using classic time-based effects - all utilising GPU Audio's patented technology, powering the next generation of audio plugins via your computer's graphics card.  

The Space & Time Bundle includes three fully featured Delay and Reverb Plugins - including the original FIR Convolver, the powerful FIReVerb Reverb unit, and a flexible Delay module. Each plugin comes with a host of parameters and features which are detailed below. 

The free Beta Suite is a collection of professional quality audio effects using the immense processing power of your GPU. This latest bundle takes the suite to a total of six plugins, with more to come; including an EQ, Filter, Exciter, Distortion, Gater, Compressor, Limiter, and more. Check the full lineup here.

The Space and Time bundle is now available for Windows, with GPU Audio rolling out beta support for MacOS later this year. In the meantime, Apple owners can download the FREE early access support for Apple M1 & M2 devices with the FIR Convolver plugin here.

As with the previous beta suite release, the Space & Time bundle will be incrementally updated with new features, so look out for improvements, tweaks, and refinements in the near future. All feedback on the collection is valued and gratefully received on their Discord channel where they provide support directly to their community. Feedback can also be provided using this form

This first wave of plugins showcases the GPU Audio technology, with a number of 3rd party plugins to be unveiled in the coming months with high profile partners - the first of which will be made in conjunction with Spatial Audio company Mach1. Find out what else is coming for GPU Audio (including a GPU Powered Synth) in their blog post 'What's In Store For 2023'.

GPU Audio will be at NAMM this year, hosting the Innovation Lounge -  a space dedicated to cutting edge audio technology - through panels, interactive demos and live musical performances. Read more here

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