Moogerfoogers Available As Individual Plug-ins

US All eight dynamic Moogerfooger Effects can be bought singly or in customizable bundles      01/03/23

Moogerfoogers Available As Individual Plug-ins

Moog tells us that Moogerfooger Effects are now available as individual plug-ins starting at $59. This is what they have to say about them...

All eight dynamic Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins are now available to purchase individually or in customizable bundles through Moog's website and select dealers worldwide.

In October, Moog Music announced the return of its storied and sought-after Moogerfooger pedals--reimagined to make the sound and workflow of these beloved effects more affordable and accessible than ever.
The Moogerfooger Effects Plug-ins are a re-invention of all seven analog effects pedals (plus a brand new saturation tool), now available as dynamic, professional music production software, compatible with all major DAWs across Windows and macOS in AUv2, VST3, or AAX formats.
Since their release, the number one request from creatives has been the ability to buy individual instances of these plug-ins for more flexibility and customization over their sound. Today, the Moog team delivers on this user request: all eight plug-ins are now available for individual purchase as well as in customizable build-your-own sets of two or four.
Pricing and Availability:
From single plug-ins to the complete bundle, prices range from $59 to $279 USD.

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