NAMM Innovation Lounge: The Future of Audio

US GPU Audio host space with Genelec, Splice, VSL and more      24/02/23

NAMM Innovation Lounge: The Future of Audio

GPU Audio have announced they'll be running an 'Innovation Lounge' at NAMM this year, alongside a heavyweight selection of partners, including Genelec, Splice, Vienna Symphonic Library, Mach1, MNTRA, Harmonai and others. The space will host presentations, performances, and panels from prominent minds in Machine Learning, Audio Platforms, Cloud Computing, Game Audio, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Audio. More details below:

Discover and explore the future of audio technology at the 'Innovation Lounge' hosted by GPU Audio and partners at the NAMM show in April. This future-focused space is dedicated to showcasing the technologies which will dawn the next generation of audio advancements and innovations, through inspirational live performances, expert panels, and in-depth presentations from the pioneers of our industry. 

Spanning cutting edge technologies such as Machine Learning, Audio Platforms, Cloud Computing, Game Audio, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Audio, the space will host the brightest minds at the forefront of music technology and pro audio. Partnering alongside GPU Audio are Genelec, Splice, Vienna Symphonic Library, Mach1, MNTRA, and Harmonai with hardware support from Apogee, Razer, and Soyuz Microphones. 

GPU Audio have brought together luminaries from a variety of audio fields and disciplines to cultivate a space for those who want to be part of innovation, not simply observe it. Panellists include Jean-Marc Jot (Virtuel Works), Jacqueline Bosnjak (Mach1), Nuno Fonseca (Sound Particles), Jonathan Wyner (Berklee College of Music), Zach Evans (Harmonai/Stability), and Brian D'Oliviera (MNTRA) with more to be announced. Experience incendiary live performances from futuristic code-drummer Battery and the world-renowned Richard Devine, among a host of other artists appearing on stage.

GPU Audio CBDO Jonathan Rowden explains: "The Innovation Lounge is, in a way, a location-based embodiment of the GPU Audio model of collaboration. As a core technology that seeks to enable an entire industry to stretch out, expand, and unlock new capabilities for users and developers alike, we want to use our space at NAMM to put this mission into practice". 

The space comprises an immersive array powered by Genelec and Apogee, forming a focal point for discussions, performances, and demos. You'll also find booths displaying and demonstrating pioneering technologies set to grace the market in 2023 and beyond, as well as an area dedicated to making connections, relaxing, and opening discussions with new faces and new friends.

"We have designed the lounge to be a space where conversations can materialise projects, ideas, and partnerships. We want people to grab a drink, walk inside and talk about their dreams and goals in a space that encourages outside-of-the-box perspectives and thinking." Jonathan Rowden continues. 

The Innovation Lounge will be located the Pro Audio Showroom floor in the ACC North Level 1, #15000. The NAMM show runs from April 13-15th at the Anaheim Convention Center, LA.

Win tickets to the show by following GPU Audio on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and look out for further announcements! Come and be part of the next generation of audio innovation in person at NAMM, more details here.

Sonicstate will be at the show and are sure to take a look!

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