Patch Flip: u-he Zebra Legacy

US Zebra 2.9 + ZebraHZ and 4000 or so patches      16/02/23

u-he's Zebra has been around since 2003  - it was one of their first highly flexible and capable instruments and as such became a go -o software instrument for many producers and sound designers.

u-he call it a "wireless modular synth" and it is a highly configurable synthesizer with multiple oscillator and filter types, modulation sources and destinations and classy effects.

The Zebra Legacy collection takes all the sound packs created by some of the world's top sound designers and brings them together in one mahoosive collection. You also get the ZebraHZ (Hans Zimmer) which expands the capabilities of the basic Zebra and adds:

• 8 extra filters (4 x highpass and 4 x lowpass) based on Diva models
• 4 comb filter modules instead of 2
• 8 MSEGs instead of 4
• 24 modulation matrix slots instead of 12
• X/Y pads also appear as regular modulation sources
• 4 polyphonic compressors, one for each lane of the main grid
• 3 Polymoog™-style resonators with additional full-range band

This was used in the Dark Knight soundtrack sessions with many of the patches actually appearing in the finished film. Programmed by ace Howard Scarr and Hans himself.

It should be noted that Zebra 2 patches will load into HZ but not the other way around. So a top tip: do all of your favourite labelling in Zebra HZ so they are all in one place.

Editor Nick Batt takes a look around and picks a few favourites.

Zebra Legacy is available now priced at €99 - which is a bargain considering the breadth of sounds contributed by some of the finest sound designers in the biz.

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