UA Releases Waterfall Rotary Speaker

US Leslie Type 147 rotating speaker cabinet emulation      15/02/23

Universal Audio Inc. (UA) has introduced Waterfall Rotary Speaker, which they describe as the most authentic sounding emulation of the legendary Leslie Type 147 rotating speaker cabinet ever put into a plug-in.* Here's the details in their own words...

For the first time ever, UA has implemented their industry-leading emulation techniques to bring music creators the timeless tone and pitch-modulating swirl of the Leslie Type 147 rotary speaker, heard on countless psychedelic rock, R&B, jazz, soul and funk records.

Going beyond other Leslie emulations, UA captured the Type 147's complete circuit and tube power amp as well as its unique three-dimensional movement and tonal range with meticulously-placed vintage microphones. The result is an eerily authentic emulation of the rich overtones, harmonics, and immersive quality that made the Type 147 one of the most coveted modulation effects ever made.

With carefully-crafted presets tailored for vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and more, Waterfall Rotary Speaker allows musicians to dial in classic Leslie effects effortlessly.

Waterfall Rotary Speaker Key Features:

  • An exacting UAD plug-in emulation of the Leslie 147 rotary speaker cabinet
  • Complete three-dimensional reproduction of the classic rotating speaker, with perfectly positioned mono and stereo vintage mic setups
  • Dial in the perfect sound quickly with an intuitive user interface and album-ready presets
  • Authentically emulated tube power amp saturation delivers rich overtones and harmonics
  • Get "album-ready" sounds quickly with expertly-crafted presets for vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums, and more

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners, and used only to represent the instruments modeled as part of Waterfall Rotary Speaker software.

Pricing and Availability:
Waterfall Rotary Speaker is now available natively as a UAD plug-in for $199, and on subscription with UAD Spark.

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