PAMA Celebrates 20th Anniversary

US Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance marks two decades      15/02/23

PAMA Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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In 2023, the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA), the collective voice and forum for the leading manufacturers of professional audio products and the people who use them, is celebrating its 20th anniversary as an organization. Since its founding in 2003, the non-profit has experienced steady growth and has accumulated a roster of member companies who conduct business worldwide in support of high-quality audio across a wide range of industries – pursuing the state of the art in technology and practice to enable audio professionals to elevate their craft and delight listeners and audiences every day.

"Our members are our greatest assets and resources for the industry," remarks Chris Regan, current PAMA President. "PAMA member companies realize that we can compete while still cooperating to the benefit of not only our members, but also benefiting the industry at large. Our board and membership meetings, online and in person, serve to facilitate open dialog that raises all boats."

PAMA founder and Sports Video Group Executive Director Paul Gallo reminisces on the establishment of the PAMA organization in 2003: "At the time, I felt that the pro audio manufacturing community lacked a singular voice in addressing the growing issues the industry faced. I felt there was a critical need for the top executives to know one another better, and in doing so to share industry-wide concerns. In a very short period, leading companies agreed to become PAMA members, and together they were able to enhance the visibility and growing importance of our entire pro audio community. I am really pleased that PAMA continues to serve as an independent and vibrant voice for the manufacturing community."

Updated branding ushers in the 20th anniversary year, with a new PAMA logo featuring crisp lines and digital imagery evoking the excitement and potential of the future of professional audio. "PAMA's new branding reflects the modern and innovative look we have come to associate with high quality audio companies and products," stated Regan. "As PAMA continues to grow and become even more accessible to the next generation of audio professionals, it's important that the PAMA brand supports that effort with an updated design."

2023 will also see the continuation of PAMA's compelling series of monthly webinar events featuring leading voices sharing their perspectives on various industry issues; the separate series of student-focused webinars focused on career opportunities and other topics of interest to young and aspiring audio professionals; the naming of 2023 recipients of the Mark Brunner Professional Audio Scholarship (presented in partnership with Shure Incorporated); profiles of audio professionals from PAMA member companies with insights from their unique and varied perspectives; and contribution by PAMA members to ongoing dialogs on critical industry issues.

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