Sonic LAB: RYK Modular Vector Wave With Matths

US FM, Vector, mono and poly module      13/02/23

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The Vector Wave  from RYK Modular is an FM / Harmonic Vector Stereo Synth Voice in 17HP of space. At it's heart is an attractive red dot LCD matrix and 8 encoders for navigating the synthesis options.

The Vector Wave can take a MIDI in via 3.5mm jack but also has V/Oct and Gate input plus four CV (M1-M4) modulation inputs.

It has 16 sine oscillators as 4 banks (ABCD) which come into play when in vector mode. It also means you can run  in polyphonic mode (via MIDI) and also in up to four part multi-timbral mode.

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 The basic four modes give you different ways to configure the Oscillator Banks:

  • VECT1/2 - mono voice with joystick used to animate the vector
  • POLY - Osc bank A is duplicated to the other three banks for four voice polyphony
  • MULT  - Each oscillator bank has a separate MIDI channel for four part mono

Matt Hodson AKA MATTHS takes a look.

RYK Vector Wave is available now as a prebuilt module £395 or as a DIY pre soldered Kit £255


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