K-Devices Releases Magma For iOS

US Memory warper and propagator plug-in      09/02/23

K-Devices Releases Magma For iOS

K-Devices has released Magma, described as a memory warper and propagator plugin, as AUv3 for iOS. They tell us that Magma is the first plugin from the totem/ series by K-Devices: unconventional audio effects coming in a compact format, easy to use, at a lower, convenient price. Here's what they have to say about it...

Magma is an audio effect that generates sound textures by blending past and present: at the very crossroad between a micro-looper, a granular engine, a sustainer, and a sound warmer, Magma can squash sounds with reverb-like big shaking auras, or sprinkle air and make lines ethereal.

Magma continuously records the incoming signal in a short buffer, it then plays back the content by blending different moments in time, creating a texture. User can set the density and the persistence of the texture, that can sound as a reverb, an infinite sustain, a sort of spectral shadow, creating everything in between dark drones, shimmery textures and weird percussive timbres.
Several parameters let user sculpt the texture: an EQ section, a Temperature knob (a specifically designed distortion adds a noise-based amplitude modulation on higher values), and a Mid/Side knob to handle its weight in space.

Magma is a sound processor with its very own character. Magic when paired with acoustic sounds, it can transfigure all kind of sources in unexpected ways: it will react differently, according to the input.
It can either magnify or disintegrate.
Magma can be molten lead, screaming metal, frozen wind.

Conceived for the most adventurous sound designers, Magma can give sounds a new identity.


  • Available as AUv3 plugin
  • iOS 9.3 or later
  • an AUv3 app host like AUM, Cubasis, Drambo etc

Pricing and Availability:
Launch price: 3,49 € / $2.99 (until March 31)
Regular price: 7,99 € /$ 6.99 (after March 31)
Available at the App Store

More information:


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