Knobula's Chord Pilot Is Now Available

US Eurorack-based MIDI Chord Generator ships      09/02/23

We brought you the initial news of this late last year and now Knobula has announced that its latest performance-inspired Eurorack module, Chord Pilot, is now available for purchase. They say that Chord Pilot, a fully-featured MIDI controller, follows in the footsteps of their other powerful performance-based modules, including PolyCinematic and Kickain, delivering massive functionality in a small footprint. Here's more details direct from the company...

Generate extraordinary chords without using a keyboard.

Chord Pilot introduces a whole new take on the task of chord creation and performance offering 192 chord memories, a strummer, an arpeggiator and an 8 step chord progression sequencer, all in one compact 12hp package.

We've thrown away the music theory rule book and instead offer a module that encourages the curious mind to discover alternative musical pathways, whether for generative patches or for EDM riffs.

To generate a new chord, Chord Pilot uses a series of controls that alter the width and spread of 'fingers' over a virtual keyboard before conforming them into a variety of musical moods from the pure and harmonious to the terrifying and cacophonic.

Like all Knobula products we have designed Chord Pilot primarily with performance in mind, to inpsire by experimentation, to lose yourself in the moment, and to occasionally generate impossibly hard to play super chords.

With the ability to store and transfer chords in sets of eight, Chord Pilot makes a great companion module for Poly Cinematic, but it is equally at home serving any poly synth with a midi input.

Discover Chord Pilot,  your guide, navigator and explorer to a whole new universe of musical harmony, and beyond.


  •     192 Chord memories
  •     Multi -mode arpeggiator
  •     Orbit - Circular chord progressions
  •     Internal and external Clock/Gate Input
  •     CV control to select Buttons
  •     Midi In and Out
  •     12 hp

Pricing and Availability:
£320, $399, €399

More information:


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