Moog Releases New Subsequent Presets

US Collections designed especially for Subsequent 25 and Subsequent 37      08/02/23

Moog Releases New Subsequent Presets

Moog Music has released new presets designed especially for Subsequent 25 and Subsequent 37. They say that each preset collection showcases the deep range of sounds these instruments are capable of creating, ready to be used in any production or sound design session. Here's more details directly from the company...

Designed in house by Moog's Product team, the new Subsequent 37 preset collection invites Subsequent 37 owners to discover a wide range of sounds from warm, moss-covered bass tones to wild, noisy FX that show off the instrument's powerful modulation capabilities.
The new Subsequent 25 preset collection was designed by Corry Banks, founder of boutique sound design and beatmaker's lifestyle brand BeatPPL. "My approach to designing presets for the Subsequent 25 was inspired by my favorite hip-hop styles such as Modbap, lo-fi, boom-bap, and electronic hip-hop," Banks shared with Moog. "Exploring sub basses with loads of low end and others with buzzy top end that beg for filter tweaking. I found it fun to explore leads and other sounds that take advantage of some simple modulation routing to mimic delay effects when the mod wheel is put to work. These presets particularly love a bit of reverb to enrich the already beautiful tones. My fav preset in the pack is perhaps the 'Tape Bass' which is a low end theory type of sub bass with noise bleeding through and a touch of pitch modulation that reminds me of subtle lo-fi tape textures."
To download these sounds and the editor librarian for your Subsequent 37 or Subsequent 25, log in to your existing account or register your instrument.

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