Blockbuster Scoring Kit

US Spitfire Audio releases Albion Colossus      03/02/23

Spitfire Audio says that a new era in blockbuster scoring is upon us. They tell us that Albion Colossus is their most epic library yet, and is a gargantuan, all-in-one toolkit that pushes contrast, dynamism and intensity to eleven, elevating your scores to breathtaking new heights. Here's more details from them...

Action films are nothing without suspense. This feat of musical engineering offers every element needed to seamlessly transport your scores from quiet suspense and tension, through to the most dramatic and epic of soundworlds -- featuring two complete orchestras, chamber and symphonic, heavy chugging guitars, a diverse, hard-hitting set of percussion and drum kits,  and epic, widescreen synths -- expertly crafted for ultra-modern scoring.

Discover all-new features including Scale, Depth and Hype – expressive controls to help you build intensity and push sounds even further.


  • Two Orchestras –  Chamber and Symphony
  • New features – Scale Control, Depth Control, and Hype
  • 147 Combined Techniques, including 293 techniques split over Scale mode
  • 265,670 wav files
  • 105.33GB Compressed (251.51 Non-compressed)

Pricing and Availability:
£399 / $449 / 449

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