An Introduction To Web3

US MUS3 offers a free course for musicians to Navigate Web3      31/01/23

An Introduction To Web3

MUS3 has launched a free course to introduce Web3 to music artists and professionals. Here's their press release with the details...

Melbourne, Australia - CLUB MEDIA LABS, a leading creative production agency, is proud to announce the launch of MUS3, an innovative music and web3 education platform and community. This initiative is designed to help music artists and professionals navigate the world of web3 and take advantage of its many benefits.

Web3 technology is unlocking new possibilities for the music industry, including shifting power to creators, new revenue streams, improving efficiency, and increasing engagement with fans and stakeholders. MUS3 is a space where musicians can learn, collaborate, experiment with, and explore the full potential of web3.

The first offering from MUS3 is the free, self-paced online course "Web3 Fundamentals." This course covers the basics of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and web3, and teaches ready-to-use skills such as setting up a cryptocurrency wallet, minting an NFT collection, and creating an NFT-gated website.

"Web3 Fundamentals" was funded by the Victorian Music Development Office and created by CLUB MEDIA LABS, with additional support from the Australia Council for the Arts. The course is open to anyone and can be accessed for free at

MUS3 is committed to helping music artists and professionals tap into the benefits of web3 and create new opportunities for themselves and the industry as a whole.


CLUB MEDIA LABS is the R&D initiative of CLUB MEDIA, a creative production agency with global clients including Adidas, Puma, and Sprite, and is led by Reggie Ba-Pe III, the former creative director of 88rising. As the world enters a period of digital transformation driven by web3, AI, digital identity, avatars, and immersive media, CLUB MEDIA LABS is exploring new methods and formats that can bring value to creators and their audiences.

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