SONTRONICS Releases The Voicecasting Pack

US All-in-one package built around the Podcast Pro microphone      30/01/23

SONTRONICS Releases The Voicecasting Pack

SONTRONICS has released the Voicecasting Pack, which they describe as "an all-in-one package built around the award-winning Podcast Pro microphone, providing an amazing-value, superb-quality solution for podcast, broadcast, gaming, voiceover, video calls and music-making." Here's more details in the company's own words...

The new Voicecasting Pack sees the Podcast Pro bundled with Sontronics' best-selling Elevate, a multi-positional desktop stand, plus two cabling options: an XLR-USB for plugging the mic directly into a Mac or PC and an XLR-XLR for use with an interface or mixer. The result is a package that gets you up and running in minutes and delivers exceptional results too.
Podcast Pro was an immediate success upon its launch in early 2020, winning multiple awards and becoming the mic of choice for thousands of podcasters, radio stations and gamers worldwide. During lockdown, the mic became a firm favourite for online teaching, video calls and music demo recording too.
This broadcast-quality microphone reproduces voices in stunning detail, capturing superb presence and depth without the need for EQ or additional level-boosting devices. The mic's internal popshield reduces plosives and sibilance while its tight pickup ensures that it focuses on your voice and not on background noise or unwanted spill from co-hosts or guests.
Available in seven colours, Podcast Pro is hand-built in the UK and, like all Sontronics mics, is covered by the brand's unique Lifetime Warranty.
Whether recording podcasts or audiobooks, teaching online, gaming, broadcasting or capturing vocal demos, the SONTRONICS® Voicecasting Pack is your go-to solution for outstanding results.

Pricing and Availability:
Suggested street price: £189 inc. VAT  /  €189 ex. tax  /  $299
Availability: January 2023

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