Podcast: Sonic TALK 744 - Transients, Hex Inverter and Importing Synths

US plus viewer questions      26/01/23

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71:4 mins


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00:16:40 SHOW START (youtube timings)
00:26:17 Live Event 11th March - come along
00:27:13 SPL Transient Designer 4 MK2
00:34:14 AD: Baby Audio - Save 15% With ST15 Code
00:34:29 AD: Baby Audio - Save 15% With ST15 Code
00:35:27 Erica Synths takes on some Hex Inverters
00:54:21 AD: iZotope OZone 10
00:55:15 Importing Gear From Japan
01:09:56 JHVE asks via - [irc] - QQ Does that DX 7 MKII have stereo out?
01:11:52 McGurren asks via - Youtube -QQ what's your best synth / audio bargain? I once got a Yamaha CS40M for £60 and an SCI Pro One for £450 with a Juno 106 thrown in.
01:17:43 Nick Howes asks via - Youtube - QQ Now that both Korg and Arturia have released VST versions of current production hardware are the floodgates opening for more of the same

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