Superbooth Tickets On Sale!

US Synth explorers unite 11-13th of May      24/01/23

Superbooth Tickets On Sale!

Superbooth is BACK and Sonicstate will be there! This years event runs from 11-13th of May and promises a wealth of new products, educational talks, performances and that familiar festival feeling. A full list of the 90+ exhibitors is available here. Come and join the fun in Berlin; there's sure to be a host of esteemed electronic guests! All the details on their website, and some below: 

The tickets will be available here online in pre-sale as long as stock lasts. If there were still tickets available when the event has started, they will be offered at the cash desk on the event. Please keep in mind that you support us with an early purchase during the pre-sale.

With each of the tickets you can enter the event on the whole day from 10:00 in the morning, enjoying all exhibition areas in- and outdoors and stay until the very last night concert has finished. Tickets do not need personalization anymore.

If you have additional questions regarding the tickets, you can also write an email to "ticket @".

Who's coming??

Get a ticket here:


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