Salsa Percussion Loops For SampleTank

US IK Multimedia releases modern salsa percussion library      16/12/22

IK Multimedia has released Salsa Percussion Loops, which they describe as a genre-authentic audiophile sound library for SampleTank 4 and the next in a new series of multitrack audio loop libraries. They say that, created by acclaimed Cuban producer and musician Alex Rivas, Salsa Percussion Loops offers real-world tools for arranging any part of a salsa song. Here's more details in their own words...

SampleTank Library Promo
To coincide with this SampleTank library release, IK continues its SampleTank Squared promotion, offering a way to earn up to 64 libraries for SampleTank and Syntronik titles for FREE. Please see the Special Pricing section below for details.

Sounds and Rhythms
Users get all the percussion instruments necessary to make a salsa song from beginning to end: including timbales, congas, timbale with kick and snare, bongo, multiple types of handbells and guiros. For instant creativity, all instrument sounds are organized by song section: Intro, Verse, Cascaras, Fill, Chorus, Pre-Chorus, Cha-Cha and Cuban Style Bomba.

Salsa Percussion Loops also includes a playable "Salsa Percussion Kit" preset with 59 different percussion timbres to play on top of the loops or to build original Latin percussion tracks from scratch. All in all, users get 155 presets for SampleTank 4.

The Origin of the Library
Producer Alex Rivas says about the library, "After years of struggling to find an authentic sounding salsa library, I decided to create my own with a modern approach and inspired by current salsa artists. I carefully chose the musicians, instruments and gear to make this project come to life, so now you, too, can make your own genuine salsa songs."

Serious Salsa Players
Authenticity is key to Salsa Percussion Loops. The recorded musicians are straight from Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia. These three countries have one thing in common: they live and breathe salsa music. Alex and his team recorded the most common rhythms and parts of a salsa song, so users are covered no matter what they need.

For the Best Results
Salsa Percussion Loops features audiophile 24-bit recordings using top studio gear from Neve, API, Avalon, Universal Audio, AKG, Mojave and more. The loops are recorded at three different classic salsa tempos - 95, 100 and 105 BPM - so every preset is unique. Additional presets using the SampleTank PSTS engine are provided to automatically sync to any host tempo.

Powerful Effects
Salsa Percussion Loops takes advantage of the best SampleTank effects from T-RackS, AmpliTube and Syntronik, assigned so that users can instantly filter, EQ and compress each preset to taste using SampleTank macro controls. An additional resonant low-pass filter is assigned to the mod wheel for real-time performance.

Pricing and Availability:

$/€49.99 excluding taxes

Special Pricing
The SampleTank Squared promotion offers a way to get up to 64 FREE SampleTank libraries and Syntronik 2 instruments. Users can purchase and register up to eight of the recently released SampleTank libraries, including Salsa Percussion Loops and The Code Volume 1 & 2, and square that number. That's how many FREE products can be redeemed of equal or lesser value from a long list of eligible titles.

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