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US sonible's pure:limit does it all with a single button      14/12/22

sonible says that, with pure:limit, it has developed a new limiter for users who want to achieve the best possible sound without having to tweak too many complex parameters. A spokesperson told us, "Although this AI-powered plug-in is compact on the outside, it packs a powerful punch within: pure:limit effortlessly tames peaks, balances dynamics and finds the right level for a mix – all at the touch of a single button."

Here's more detail direct from sonible...

pure:limit ensures that the level and dynamics of every mix are in the sweet spot before any track leaves the creator's studio. No matter whether the audio material features soulful vocals, bass-heavy samples, distorted guitars or a smooth podcast voice – the right amount of limiting is essential for any track to sound great on all speaker systems. In every scenario, pure:limit delivers.

Maximum impact without any of the guesswork

Sometimes maintaining a smooth workflow requires a tool that delivers straightforward results. With its automatic parametrization, broad range of genre-based profiles and instant replay, sonible's new limiter plug-in takes hassle-free, efficient limiting to the next level.

pure:limit is the right tool for creators who want to put the finishing touches on their mix without delving into parametric details. This limiter features a clean interface design that interactively visualizes the limited audio signal. Additionally, pure:limit offers two effective sound-shaping tools: to enhance a desired vibe, the "style selector" lets the user determine how forcefully the limiter should hit the signal, and the "inflate parameter" offers the option to create  a richer, more vibrant sound.

"Here at sonible we're audio nerds. We love spending hours geeking out over the tiniest parametric variables and the complex impacts they can have. But we understand that sometimes creativity just needs to flow and talent wants to create. True to our mission of "enabling sonic visions", we have created pure:limit – a tool that allows users access to high-quality limiting results without the distraction of getting lost in details." Ralf Baumgartner, CEO and co-founder sonible GmbH
•    Automatic parametrization for high-quality results
•    AI-powered processing and genre-based profiles
•    Sound-shaping features – style selector and inflate parameter
•    User-centered, clean interface design

About sonible
From mixing engineers, FOH engineers, and music producers to AI experts, software developers, DJs and musicians – the sonible team is an eclectic mix of highly skilled engineers and creative individuals. We put all of our vast audio experience and user-oriented focus into developing AI-assisted audio plug-ins, designing and implementing 3D audio systems and building audio hardware – sound in all its complexity is our passion.

We transform technological possibilities into tools for audio production that are characterized by their incredible sound, intuitive usability and workflow-enhancing features – in short, tools that inspire creativity.

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price until January 16, 2023: € 35 (incl. VAT). Regular price: € 49

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