Noodlebox Sequencer Launches Funding

US Versatile 4 part CV and MIDI maker available for pre-order      04/12/22

Noodlebox Sequencer Launches Funding

The Sixty Four Pixels Noodlebox is back and available for preorder through IndieGogo, in their second round of funding. The incredibly versatile and portable "serendipity" sequencer is designed for use with CV and MIDI devices, offering a host of assignable outputs and play modes. As with much of Sixty Four Pixels, it's loaded with a wealth of considered and music-friendly features, too plentiful to list here! You'll find the feature-packed manual here.

Here are some notes form the page: 

This is the second production run of Noodlebox - after our successful Indiegogo campaign in 2020 we completed a run of 250 units which sold out within a few months. Due to continuing demand we planned an additional production run, but that has been delayed until now due to the global shortage of electronic parts. Having managed to obtain a batch of the critical components we are now pleased to launch our Indiegogo campaign to fund the second production run of Noodleboxes.

See what Red Means Recording had to say about it alongside a Moog friend:


Find out more and pre order here:


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