The Hacienda - The Club that Shook Britain

US Madchesters finest revisited in BBC Doc      03/12/22

The Hacienda has been the focus of hundreds of books, films and articles - celebrating the clubs legendary influence on the UK music scene; which brought together rock and electronic music with some of the most hedonistic escapades ever reported. This documentary aired in November 22 covers the Factory Records homeland, with sound bites from the people who were there - including Peter Hook, Stephen Morris, Shaun Ryder, Noel Gallagher, Peter Saville, John Robb.

Peter Hook's 'How Not To Run a Club' is recommended reading for those interested in some of the wild nights and calamitous business decisions which eventually led to it's demise. The feature film '24 Hour Party People' also documents the club and the record label, with a large helping of artistic license. We cannot understate the influence of this club on the music scene. 

We'd love to know if you have any expereince or memories of the club. 


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