Genesis' Stone Live Room Sound Recreated

US Get those explosive '80s drums with T-RackS The Farm Stone Room      02/12/22

IK Multimedia has released an update for T-RackS bringing full native compatibility with Apple M1 and M2 processors along with T-RackS The Farm Stone Room, a brand-new plug-in designed to give drum tracks the sonic impact that only a rare type of stone live room can offer.

A spokesperson told us, "Phil Collins made history when he tracked the explosive drum sounds for 'In the Air Tonight.' Awash in the unique ambience of the studio's stone-walled drum room and crushed by compression, it became one of the most recognizable and sought-after drum sounds from the '80s and still to this day."

Here's more details direct from IK Multimedia...

Seeking to recapture that magic in their own studio, "Fisher Lane Farm" in the UK, the band Genesis rebuilt a drum room to the same specs as the one where the iconic drum sound was first produced. And while both rare stone live rooms are sadly now gone, IK was given exclusive access to Genesis' own Fisher Lane Farm before it closed to preserve its distinctive sound forever in The Farm Stone Room.

Intuitive and Flexible Controls
Even those unfamiliar with the award-winning line of T-RackS mixing and mastering plug-ins will find the controls in The Farm Stone Room easy to use, yet powerful and comprehensive. This single-panel plug-in contains all of the main tone-shaping elements of the original space and more.

The Mono Crush controls are unique to The Farm Stone Room, capturing the room in punchy and dirty mono using a vintage STC® 4021 "Ball & Biscuit" mic. An SSL® Listen Mic Compressor (LMC) was modeled and inserted in this section, which blended with the stereo Neumann® U87s room mics, gives that amazing drum sound you hear on tracks like Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight," Genesis' "Mama" and Peter Gabriel's "Intruder."

The Story Behind the Sound
The stone walls of this relatively small-sized room give drums a huge sound, especially when run through the SSL® 4000E mixing console's Listen Mic Compressor to crush the sound in the manner that was discovered and used by Hugh Padgham at both The Town House (also known as Townhouse Studios) and Fisher Lane Farm, all faithfully reproduced here.

These studios no longer exist and there are few, if any, similar stone drum tracking rooms left in the world. Fortunately, thanks to Genesis and the help of Dave Kerzner and Producer/Engineer Nick Davis, IK was invited to the Fisher Lane Farm in Surrey, UK to fully capture all of the elements of this rare and special space before it was closed.

Why Get The Farm Stone Room?
For decades artists, producers and engineers have looked for ways to make drums sound massive. One of the most important elements to achieving great drum sounds are the sounds of rooms and room emulation reverbs. This is one reason IK's Sunset Sound and FAME Studio Reverb plug-ins are so popular. Now, with The Farm Stone Room, you can achieve a drum room sound that was previously only possible by recording in a specially-designed stone live room.

Whether it's to have a drum sound as big as top hits recorded in the '80s or to add another dimension of HUGE to drum sounds useful in all styles of modern music from rock to hip hop, nothing else can get the big smashed drum sound of T-RackS The Farm Stone Room.

The Power of T-RackS
Like all T-RackS plug-ins, The Farm Stone Room offers two ways to work: as a single plug-in, or within the T-RackS 5 shell.

Pricing and Availability:

T-RackS The Farm Stone Room is available now from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide at a special introductory price of $/€79.99 (reg. $/€99.99). All pricing excluding taxes.

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