Exploration Of Orchestral Tools Drones

US Massive sonic experience from Alexander Hacke      01/12/22

Orchestral Tools have teamed up with Alexander Hacke - from Einstürzende Neubauten  to create a sample library which plays in their SINE player. It features 6 sections of specific drone flavours all chromatically sampled over differing key ranges, some with key switches.
Created by dronemeister Alexander Hacke they feature a wide ranges of instruments that he obviously had a hoot recording in Berlin's Teldex Scoreing Stage and Silent Green, with his Thunderbird Bass rig, guitars, strings, hurdy gurdies, voices, tanpura, didgeridoo, ebow piano, brass and basses.

Nick takes a look at the sounds, which also feature individual elements that go into making the full patches, tools for blending your own drones and a close/far mic mix to taste.

Drones is around 165GB to download fro OrchestralSounds.com priced at €189 euros.



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