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US New Magma series plugin offers the sound of tube saturation      29/11/22

Waves Audio has expanded its custom-shop Magma series with the release of the Waves BB Tubes plugin, the second plugin in the series. 

A spokesperson told us, "Waves BB Tubes is the real thing. It is a mind blowing saturator with an extensive array of sound possibilities that enables you to create your own astounding sonic coloring. BB Tubes offers huge-sounding tube saturation that makes any vocal or instrument jump out of the speakers. With its Beauty and Beast controls, it give you the ability to attain delicate to aggressive analog brilliance."
Here's more details direct from Waves...

BB Tubes makes mixes come to life and gives them a big-budget sound. This plugin is great on drums, vocals, guitars, bass, synths, mix bus and basically any other element of a mix. Incredible tones are simple to dial in without overthinking, and parts will simply feel "finished" in the mix far quicker than before.   
BB Tube features two main controls:

  • BEAUTY: perfect for delicate harmonic saturation, where the user just wants to make a sound blossom before it breaks up. This knob achieves an instant roundness, fatness and glow, and an unmistakably huge low-mid.
  • BEAST: gives that immediate in-your-face energy, attitude and aggression, all the way to crunch distortion. Even when fully broken up, the sound feels tight and controlled, without collapsing into muddiness. Furthermore, there is an A/B switch to select between two different tube types.  


The Beauty control cascades into Beast, so users are encouraged to blend the two knobs – tuning and tweaking them for an enormous range of saturation sounds for any part, style or genre.   

The sound of this originally-designed analog plugin from Waves' Magma series quite simply must be heard to be believed. High-profile mixers have attested to its magical qualities:
"When I first tried BB Tubes I was shocked. I've been putting it first in my vocal chain – it just gives me this larger vocal that's also more intimate." – Rob Kinelski (Billie Eilish)  

"Honestly, I've never heard anything like this. It brings something different to the table which I can't even explain. It sounds amazing." – Neal H Pogue (Steve Lacy, Tyler, the Creator)   

"It's rare that a new plugin comes along and is an instant game-changer. Without much effort I had a vocal sounding incredible. Then drums, then synths, then guitars, then bass. I truly feel like this plugin will become a classic." – Dave Pensado (Justin Bieber)   

"BB Tubes excites the speakers unlike anything I've tried before. I knew immediately it was helping my work sound better." – Tony Maserati (Beyoncé)
BB Tubes also helps dial up the loudness of a mix in an appealing way. The soft clipping of the tubes brings down transient peak levels, while dramatically increasing perceived loudness, resulting in a much louder mix before digital clipping.    

The plugin also offers options for a pre- and post-hi-shelf EQ, transformer in/out, bass relief (which removes the low frequencies from the side-chain input), a sensitivity control (which lets the user choose the point at which the tubes are hit), a dry/wet knob and output gain.   

Waves BB Tubes Features:

  • Huge-sounding tube saturation
  • BEAUTY knob perfect for delicate harmonic saturation
  • BEAST knob for extreme & aggressive in-your-face distortion
  • Cascade & combine BEAUTY & BEAST knobs for an exceptional range of tones
  • Incredible results on any instrument or vocal
  • Tube soft clipping creates extremely loud mixes, quickly
  • Includes pre- and post-hi-shelf EQ, bass relief, mix knob, more
  • Includes an installer for Lil Tube  

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $24.99

BB Tubes is included in these Waves bundles: Mercury, Pro Show, SD7 Pro Show.  

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