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US   First plugin in its new custom-shop series: Magma      28/11/22

Waves Audio is launching the Magma series of custom-shop plugins. The first product, which is now shipping, is Waves Lil Tube, an analog saturation plugin. Here's the story direct from Waves...

With Lil Tube, every track can sound exceptionally BIG, with rich tube fatness, texture and saturation, like mixing on a vintage analog tube console. Offering an unmatched high quality and meticulously custom-modeled analog sound, akin to the tone of fabled classic tube preamps, Lil Tube is a plugin that is felt as well as heard.  

With Lil Tube's captivating analog sound, mixers will be tempted to use Lil Tube on literally every track for incomparable instant warmth, huge depth and more engaging mixes. Furthermore, Lil Tube is simple to use, foolproof and incredibly light on CPU.
In the days when analog consoles dominated the studio landscape, running each track in a production through channels on a desk crafted a natural "rough mix" with a roundness and fullness that made a song organically feel like a record. Waves Lil Tube offers this exceptional experience in any DAW.   

With Lil Tube as the first insert on every channel, a rich, buttery texture and sense of three-dimensional balance is imbued on the mix. Pushing the Drive Knob on the parts like lead vocals pulls the tracks "closer" to the listener; Lil Tube delivers a striking intimacy that listeners notice.
Lil Tube is the first taste of Waves' Magma series of custom-shop plugins characterized by a coveted analog sound with unparalleled attitude and simplicity.

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