Elektron Upgrades Syntakt

US Two new Machines, SY Swarm and SY Raw, added in OS 1.20      24/11/22

Elektron have released Syntakt Operating System 1.20, adding two new Machines, SY Swarm and SY Raw, which they sayer designed to help you reach new levels of sonic possibilities. Here's the details direct from the company...

With this sweet duo, the OS 1.20 upgrade is focusing on the melodic side of the Syntakt and expanding its already vast sound design capability, tuned to your every wish, empowering you to take your music on fresh paths of melodic bliss.

Taking a leaf from the famed supersaw waveform but re-imagining in Elektron-style, the digital Machine, SY Swarm, is all about that sawtooth waveform which gives you seven of them in one mighty swarm. Control the detune, noise modulation, and use the dedicated animate modulator to create everything from a fat lead to an insane buzzing texture.

SY Raw puts all the classic analog waveforms at your fingertips in not only one but two oscillators, to be used as building blocks for your musical endeavors. Add a pinch of noise and a spoonful of ring modulation to the mix, and you have everything you need to create everything from low, low bass to cutting leads, and melodic percussion.

About Syntakt
Enter a sonic metropolis with Syntakt. This 12 track digital and analog drum computer and synthesizer fulfills all your sound crafting, sequencing, and performance needs, in an all-round music mega box that fits in your lap. Syntakt is a drum specialist, full of percussive possibilities, but its 4 analog and 8 digital tracks can be used for melody, harmony, and bass sounds too. Experience epic sounds from the past, pulling others into existence from the future. Discover worlds within worlds. Adore now. Explore forever.

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