macOS Pro Tools Controller Software Updated

US reFuse celebrates the release of Mulligan 1.4 with a contest      22/11/22

reFuse Software has released a new version of Mulligan and is getting the word out about their macOS Pro Tools controller software with a chance to win some software from reFuse and Arturia, and a controller keyboard from Nektar, at Pro Tools Expert. They tell us that, since it was introduced last year, Mulligan has been gradually growing from a simple way to make MIDI control easy for Pro Tools, to a comprehensive tool to remote control your mixes and plugins with multiple MIDI controllers.

A spokesperson said, "While Pro Tools is famously used in large studios, the truth is that a lot of production now depends on nimble mobility. So much music is made at home and on the road, but this usually means sacrificing the hands-on control. Mulligan makes control over plugins and channels strips easy and quick, making the most of your time and creativity. The new Mulligan 1.4 update adds even more power and ease, with support for multiple simultaneous MIDI controllers and an overhauled in-app help system."

Prizes in the contest:

  • 1st Prize: Nektar Impact Mini controller, the complete Arturia V Plugin Collection, all reFuse plugins
  • 2nd Prize: reFuse Mulligan, Arturia FX Collection
  • 3rd Prize: reFuse Mulligan, Arturia Pigments


Enter here for a chance to win. The contest ends 4th December 2022.

Pricing and Availability:
Mulligan costs $79.

More information:


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