Eurorack Drum Modules On Kickstarter

US XODES AXX series comprises Bass Drum, Snare Drum and Hi Hats      22/11/22

XODES (XO Devices & Engineering Services) has been in touch to tell us about their Kickstarter campaign for their  AXX series of 1U 6HP Eurorack drum modules inspired by a classic analog drum machine from the 80s. This is what they have to say...

The campaign has been live since November 11th, and the modules were presented to the public at the SoundMit fair in Torino, Italy, last weekend.

This project is far from being new actually, since the original prototypes for the whole series of 808 drum sounds in 1U format were designed in 2017.

Despite the interest and requests for a release date back then, these couldn't be launched for a couple reasons, and were originally planned for a kickstart in early 2020.

Due to the way the situation changed at that time though everything was put on hold.

XODES was finally officially launched in 2020 and focused on other products.

Requests for a release date kept coming, and it was decided earlier this year to check what could be done in-house, since we got means of assembling PCBs in mid 2021, and this is how the Acid drums series started.

This crowdfunding campaign is for the first modules of the series only (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Toms, Hi Hats) that would be the core of a minimal drum kit, and the remaining ones should obviously see the light of day later!

Pricing and Availability:
See Kickstarter.

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