Waldorf Streichfett As A Plug-In

US The sound engine of the hardware string synth is now available in software      21/11/22

Waldorf tells us that the sound engine of the  Waldorf Streichfett hardware is now available as a plug-in for your DAW. The say that it offers fat sound for a very affordable price supporting all common formats (VST3, VST2, AU, AAX). Here's more details from the company...

The clearly structured user interface offers direct access to all important sound shaping parameters. Making and playing music is the main focus here. With a few clicks, drastic sound changes are easily made and can be saved as your favourite presets.

The UI is continuously scalable. Whether you use a 5K monitor or the FHD screen of your laptop, whether viewing in full size or as a small status display – the plug-in always remains in focus.

The Streichfett takes you back to the days of the legendary String Machines. In the old days, there was no choice – to create a massive wall of sound, you simply needed a String Machine.

These keyboard instruments mastered sound layering perfectly long before the advent of polyphonic synthesizers.

It was the time when composing contemporary music had no resemblance to doing your annual tax return on a PC. It was the golden years of rock and pop, when even keyboard players simply plugged their instrument into the amp and started playing, instead of labouring over endless preset lists in search of the perfect sound.

Now there is Streichfett – and the good old days are coming back. Experience what a real String Synthesizer sounds like. Experience how a homogeneous, extremely dense, floating web of sounds can be created from a raw, basic electronic sound in just a few simple steps.

Streichfett combines the best of the previously extinct species of String Synthesizers of the 70s and early 80s. Its dual sound engine features a fully polyphonic String Section and an eight voice Solo Section, which is essential for recreating classic movie sounds from the 70s and 80s. The Ensemble Effect provides depth and movement to the String Section, while the Effects Section adds adjustable Phaser and Reverb effects. Additionally, the Animate Effect can be used to modulate the Strings Registration, allowing spectacular sound morphs.

The Solo Section offers presets named Bass, E-Piano or Clavi, and just like with a typical String Machine, the sound has little to do with that name. Instead, these are shimmering and slightly percussive sounds that blend well with the String Section. Although the User Interface is simple and easy to comprehend, it controls a rather complex sound engine which is capable of delivering rich and creamy pads unlike any other instrument.

Pricing and Availability:
On sale at 33 EUR for a limited time

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