Podcast: Sonic TALK 736 - Kodamo Mask 1, Anyma Omega, TE Dolls

US Reverb Best Sellers, Orchestral Tools Drones and more      17/11/22

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70:43 mins


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 00:00:14 SHOW START
00:10:43 Reverb 2022 best selling Gear
00:17:04 AD: Baby Audio - Save 15% With ST15 Code
00:18:42 Teenage Engineering Beer and Dolls
00:24:39 Orchestral Tools Drones
00:29:59 Anyma Omega
00:38:31 AD: iZotope OZone 10
00:38:52 Kodamo Mask 1
00:46:19 New Sounds for Proteus Engine
00:53:11 Nick Howes asks via - [youtube] - QQ Should synth companies be allowed to "tease" a year ahead of release - cough Behringer
00:58:43 Steve Boyle asks via - [youtube] - QQ How do you battle or overcome optional paralysis ?


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