Mini Moog Model D Back in Production

US 52 years after it was first introduced      17/11/22

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Moog today announced that the iconic Minimoog Model D is back in production at its Asheville facility. Hand built, on their production line, the Model D will utilize the MIDI to CV introduced in the limited run re-issue from 2016 as well as the additional vibrato LFO.

The first limited edition re-issue Model D are reaching very high prices on the used market of £5k+, so Moog have clearly seen there is a hunger to own a piece of Moog legacy.

To celebrate the launch of the new Model D - Moog commissioned Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) and the Moog Ensemble featuring 10 Minimoog Model D - both original and newly built, to record an original i piece entitled Archimedes Screw - the complex rhythmical piece sees the synth players (including Adrian Utley + John Baggott of Portishead, Hinako Omori - Kae Tempest, Hazel Mills  - Para-orchestra and other highly accredited musicians) together with orchestral percussionist Harriet Riley, utilizing the MIDI capabilities to drive the impossible to play poly rhythmics of the original composition in the wonderful acoustics of the Mount Without hall in Bristol.  The recording (made by our editor Nick Batt) relies heavily on the sound of the room as well as the individually recorded instruments to create a wonderfully alive sound. Indeed a performance of the Moog Ensemble is a real treat if you get the opportunity. 

The Model D is shipping now. priced at $4999

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