SSL Introduces CONNEX USB Microphone

US Designed for convenient, high quality audio capture      04/11/22

Solid State Logic has launched SSL CONNEX, which they describe as a high-quality, portable USB microphone for conferencing, content creation and music recording.

A spokesperson told us, "SSL CONNEX enhances sound quality whether you're in a group conference call, online in a coffee shop chatting with friends, or recording vocals and instruments wherever inspiration strikes. Featuring an advanced quad microphone array with four specially defined user modes, SSL CONNEX makes sure you sound great in any scenario. All four modes feature an advanced immersive recording setting. This allows you to access each of the four individual mic sources for the purpose of immersive and spatial recordings or broadcasts."

Pricing and Availability:
Available now an at introductory price of $149.99 (RRP/MSRP: $199.99)

More information:


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