Podcast: Sonic TALK 734 - Synclavier, Relic, Oddity3 Viewer Questions

US And more      03/11/22


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00:00:15 SHOW START
00:15:14 Synthplex: Synclavier Regen
00:23:55 AD: iZotope OZone 10
00:25:33 Synthplex: Relic
00:35:56 GFORCE Oddity3
00:39:55 AD: Babyaudio save 15% with the code ST15
02:35:56 AI Ponger
00:49:48 Jim Harris asks via - [youtube] - QQ Given the surprise add. of song mode to Digitakt etc another TR8s update Strymons Big Sky as s/ware is the comp. shortage forcing h/ware manufacturers to divert attention to firmware/software?
00:57:53 Nick Howes asks  via - [youtube] - QQ Studio aesthetic and creativity. good video this past week on that... thoughts?

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