Spitfire Audio Releases Speculative Memories

US Atmospheres transformed through spatial technology      28/10/22

Spitfire Audio has released Speculative Memories. This is what they have to say about it...

From beautifully haunting, evolving drones with visceral undertones to ambient swells and earth-shattering atmospheres, these multi-layered electroacoustic textures have been created from a selection of extended techniques performed on double bass, vocals, guitar, as well as modular synths sounds, custom tape loops and more -- developed into visceral abstract environments through sophisticated granular processing and layering techniques. Travel to new sonic dimensions with the plugin's radically transformative processed signals -- from tape FX to our cavernous spatial signal, created at the legendary MONOM Studio at Funkhaus, Berlin – while our in-built controls and effects offer even further opportunity for sonic exploration.

This unique collection of instruments captures an evolving post-classical community, focusing more on experimental sources and playing with space. From unique double bass techniques, vocal and guitar performances to modular synth sounds from the Buchla 200e, custom textural tape loops and sophisticated processing techniques -- these expansive industrial, dystopian soundscapes are designed to inspire contemporary cinematic scoring, ambient music, and anyone looking to create deeply atmospheric textures.


  • Created at MONOM Studio at Funkhaus, Berlin
  • A unique collection of instruments
  • Presented in Spitfire Audio's award-winning dedicated plugin
  • Radically transformative processed signals
  • 41 Presets
  • 8 Controls
  • ~10GB
  • NKS compatible

Pricing and Availability:
£29 / $29 / 29€

More information:


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